Ridge Actually Dissents…Well A Little Bit

Usa Today is running a story about Tom Ridge who resigned in February. Ridge says
he was pressured by the administration to raise the terror alert on occasions when no evidence supported doing so.

I like the quote “The color-coded system was controversial from the start. Polls showed the public found it confusing.” Confusing? No. Idiotic? Yes. Exactly what are we supposed to do when they raise the terror level? Stay home?
No, no, because then the terrorists win.
Uh, well, then what?
Buy duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape.

The new system should be something like, the government tells us when there is an immediate and identifiable threat. They can say, “Hey! Everyone in L.A.! Get out, get the hell out! Go! Run!” and then people could respond accordingly. Anything less just results in instilling fear in an otherwise emotionally drained populace.

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