The Media Should Be Ashamed

foleyI’d just like to take a moment to admonish all the other bloggers out there for making jokes that equate Rep. Mark Foley with Catholic Priests or Michael Jackson. SHAME ON YOU!!

Really”¦just grow up people. Act your damn age.

The priest jokes were funny for about ten minutes, but now they just display an overall sense of laziness. If you can’t think of anything more creative than that then you shouldn’t even be making jokes in the first place. Foley/Priest comparisons are in the same vein as joking about the fact that women can’t drive or that men hate to shop. I expect to find those kinds of jokes on the back of a bubble gum wrapper”¦or on Leno.

You know who I feel sorry for in this whole debacle? The parents of the children. For the past year or so they’ve felt secure in the knowledge that all the time their strapping young boys had spent enduring squats and deadlifts to tone their buttocks and hamstrings were finally paying off. A high profile Politician had starting courting them, and their future looked bright. No doubt they envisioned a long and profitable career for their sons, and I’m sure it would have happened, too.

Damn the media for ruining the lives of those young men!

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