The Boobtube Gets Implants

I had pretty written off network T.V. as the wasteland of reality shows, but tonight my newly evacuated wife and I watched the season premiere of “My Name is Earl” on NBC. I couldn’t believe how un-politically correct this show was. It was absolutely one of the funniest twenty-four minutes of network T.V. I’ve seen in a long time.

I’ve been a fan of Jason Lee since Mallrats and have loved everything he’s done since, but I believe he may have very well outdone himself with Earl. Earl swaggers onscreen like the low-class cousin of the Bandit. He smokes, he drinks, and he hits his friends in the head with beer cans; he puts a thousand dollar security alarm on an hundred dollar car. You know”¦I think I may have been friends with Earl in high school.

Do yourself a favor and watch “My Name is Earl” next Monday at 8:00 on NBC. If I haven’t persuaded you to watch it yet, maybe this will do it. When Earl’s ex-wife tells him she wants half of his lottery winnings, Earl responds by saying, “Yeah, well I wanted a legitimate child and a wife who didn’t huff paint on Thanksgiving!” Funny, funny stuff.

While you’re there you should stick around and watch “The Office,” which follows “Earl” at 8:30. It’s another really good show.

Oh yeah, for those with HBO don’t forget that “Curb Your Enthusiasm” premieres on Sunday.

Damn, between blogging and T.V., I’m not gonna get anything done.

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