Hey…Who’s Gonna Clean This Up!

As more and more information becomes available concerning the pitiful response of local, state and federal officials in New Orleans, I’m increasingly of the opinion that everyone involved with the debacle deserves to be fired. Or at the very least have their asses spanked”¦with the wrong end of a flyswatter.

They were playing politics and screaming “blame game” while folks were still drowning and starving in New Orleans.

In case you didn’t know, the goal of the “blame game” is to make your opponent look like an incompetent and callous ass. During the first round, it looked as if President Bush might be playing all alone, and perhaps losing to himself. Then, Governor Blanco entered the fray, and while passive-aggressively attacking the President she accidentally said a no-no in front of a camera and shot herself in the foot. DAMN YOU LIBERAL MEDIA! Umm, wait”¦since this helps Bush is it DAMN YOU CONSERVATIVE MEDIA!? I’m confused.

At any rate, Political Teen has a video of Gov. Blanco saying she should have specifically asked for more troops earlier. The report states that the White House confirmed that the Governor did not “specifically” ask for troops.

Bush, Blanco, and Nagin all need to be sat in separate corners until they can learn to stop pointing fingers and crossing their eyes at one another. Half a city sunk under water and many people died, and all they can say is “Uh-uh, that’s not what you said!” “Yeah uh it is!” “You’re lying”¦he’s lying!” “I’m not a liar; you’re a liar stupid-head!” “Don’t call me a stupid-head”¦you’re just a stupid governor and I’m the president and you can’t talk to the president like that!”

And so it goes.

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