Wow. It’s an opportune time to be a pedophile, isn’t it? Oh, excuse me, an epheophile. Or drunk. Whatever.

No matter what name you give it, getting turned on by the forbidden fruit of adolescence has never been more in vogue. Well, okay, maybe in Thailand, but certainly not in thekarr United States.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the news. You’ve got the GOP rationalizing the behavior of Mark Foley by attributing his predilection for young boys as a political power-ploy by the Democrats, Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Rene Chouteau dismissed all charges against Mark Karr, and now I read that over half the users of Myspace are over thirty-five and male.

Stalking children has never been easier! Or more legal! It doesn’t matter if you like girls or boys, or maybe both, the internet is your most valuable tool in finding a naïve, young partner. Opportunity abounds! Just log onto Myspace, Facebook, ICQ, MSNMessenger, or AIM and start searching for that special someone to stalk.

Just remember, if you get caught do your best to equivocate your behavior. Pass blame; never assume personal responsibility. It’s only a crime if you admit it to be so.

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