Side Effect Include Drowsiness and Scythe Wielding Wraiths

I will resume normal jackassery on Monday (afternoon), so look for responses to all emails and substantive posts then. I spent most of the weekend in bed with the covers pulled up to my eyes hoping that the moaning noises I heard in my head were induced by the ridiculously high doses of flu medicine, and not to writhing demons outside my door awaiting my death so as to drag my soul down to the brimstone pits of Hell.

Turned out it was the medicine.

Lucky for me, eh?

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2 thoughts on “Side Effect Include Drowsiness and Scythe Wielding Wraiths

  1. Anonymous

    So Steven, is jackassery even a word?

  2. Technically? No. But then again thanks to the vernacular of my hometown neither are half the words I use in normal conversation.

    You’re approaching this the wrong way. You seem to think that by using non-standard English I’m displaying ignorance, or a wonton disregard for the rules of lexigraphy.

    I prefer to thing of myself as a neologist. Milton coined pandemonium while I coined jackassery and craptastic. Same thing, really.

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