Sexual Assault; and My Martial Art Is Better Than Your Martial Art

I’ve got a lot other work I desperately need to finish, so don’t expect a lot of substance in this post.

After Star Wars, Carrie Fisher has made a career out of airing all her dirty laundry for the word to see. I’ve heard her say in interviews that the only reason George was able to talk her into wearing the bikini in Jedi was because she was too high to argue with him. After seeing this picture, it’s pretty clear she was dealing with some awful emotional problems in conjunction with the drug abuse. I mean, how can you blame her for turning to drugs when she was trying to cope with sexual assault?

I’ve been involved in martial arts for several years, and I’ve learned that martial artists are like catty teenagers when the subject of other arts comes up. They always want to compare arts and each person always tries to claim the superiority of their discipline over all others (which is stupid, as anyone with a brain knows that Shotokan is far more effective than any other traditional martial art :-p). This video attempts to show the superiority of Judo over Karate, but I’m unconvinced. I mean, the video stops after the fighters go to the ground. Who’s to say the karate fighter didn’t win by grappling back to a standing position and out striking the Judo fighter?

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