Nothing To Be Done

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  1. Flood says:

    Does this mean that Godot finally showed up?

  2. Anniina says:

    I think we’re still waiting.

  3. Flood says:

    I wonder what our two different responses say about how we see the world around us differently?

  4. Anniina says:

    I dunno… my response could be read two ways, I’spose… that either A) I’m cynical and don’t believe in the existence of Godot, or that if he exists, he will ever show up, or B) that I’m a dreamer, and actually do believe there is a Godot, who will finally show up, despite the current situation seeming hopeless. Either way, there is nothing to sway me that Godot has already showed up 😎

  5. Hypermark says:

    Wow. I ignore the blog for a couple of days and an interesting conversation takes place without me. I should leave more often.

    My two cents? Godot has never, and will never, show up. Instinctively we know that, but we refuse to believe it because doing so would mean admitting that we were alone, which we are incapable of doing. He’s the thing we’ve invented to prevent us from going mad, which we would surely do if we were ever forced to take stock and confront the hopelessness of our corporeal situation.

  6. Flood says:

    A-So following that thought I might be naive in believing in Godot and he is around or I think things are going pretty good as it is? I am not sure that either one really fits me, but that could just be my psychie lying to me?

    M-So what were you trying to say, with that picture? I gave my first impression in my comment, and can’t think of a better thought now that I have vocalized it. You comment makes me wonder why you even bother to bitch about things. 😀 Maybe you are a tool designed to destroy all belief in Godot. Are you happy now?:lol: Poor, poor Godot.

  7. Hypermark says:

    You’re right. I’m only here to cast doubt in the hearts of Godot’s followers. I am the anti-Godot.:evil:

  8. Anniina says:

    Nothing to be done!

  9. Flood says:

    Another thought to wonder about.

  10. Anniina says:

    Hmmm, does that make me an A-Godoist?

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