No, I Wasn’t Sleeping…I Was Meditating!

With less than a week to go before I take my M.A. exam, I feel like I’m constantly in that weird, lethargic state you feel right before you fall asleep; kind of tired and sleepy and you’re never really sure if your sight has become gauzy because you’re almost asleep, or if you’ve already entered a dream. I’m like that all day now.

I’m pretty sure my diet doesn’t help, either. I’m pretty much living off of smoothies (half oz. heavy cream, half oz milk, one big banana, two handfuls of strawberries, two generous squirts of honey, pulse blender, add two cups of ice and blend again. No straw, please) and Chick-Fil-A. While my current diet doesn’t appear as bad as my tech school diet of taquitos and Dr. Pepper, I’m still reasonably sure what I’m living on can’t be all that good for me.

The only real respite I have comes from the internet and television: Daily Show nightly; Tuesdays The Office and My Names Is Earl; Sunday Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras.

Next week it will all be over and I’ll either be cleared for graduation and will receive my masters in December”¦or I’ll shove a pencil in my eye. Either way I’m guaranteed some fun.

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