Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic Fun

Boy, oh boy, are people upset with Mel Gibson. It seems that last Friday night Mel got pretty tanked at a party, and on the way home Johnny Law pulled him over. Well, Mel didn’t take kindly to being detained from his drunk-driving fun, and he let his anger be known by blaming the Jews for all the world’s ills, calling a female officer “Sugar Tits,” and threatening to ruin the careers of all the officers involved. The photos below were supposedly taken at the party where Mel imbibed the alcohol that would later cause his downfall.

Mel's Drunken Fun

wanna jumpLook, I’ve known for years and years that Mel was mentally unstable. Just listen to him; the man’s obviously deranged. Besides, for several years we’ve all suspected that Mel probably holds some kind of irrational grudge against Jews, homosexuals, and subtle performances. And now, after he gets pulled over, we all decide to act surprised? Let him run his stupid mouth. Our only response should be head-shaking exasperation, because anything else simply fuels his idiocy.

While we’re on the subject, was Mel listening to “The Jerky Boys” before the cops pulled himrizzo over? I can’t imagine any other reason he’d use such an idiotic term like “sugar tits.” I wonder if he called the male officer “chisel-chest?” And why would he get upset at the Jews because he got pulled over? While I don’t understand anti-Semitism in general, I find his anger at them over this predicament even more perplexing. Did he believe Jews had gotten him drunk? Perhaps in his drunken haze he erroneously believed that he had been at a Bar Mitzvah, and somehow decided to blame the imaginary hosts for allowing him to drive.

The world is so confusing. Today I overheard two girls talking, and I swear to God one of them said to the other, “I want to papier-mâché my whole body, and then make a mannequin of myself.”

I wish there was some way to get this girl hooked up with Mel Gibson. She could make mannequins of herself, tell a drunken Mel Gibson they were gay Jews, and let him beat the shit out of them. Maybe she could keep him occupied long enough to keep him indoors and away from the rest of us until he has to film a movie. After he finished filming, the papier-mâché chick could lure him back indoors and let him wail away on the world-dominating paper Jew-devils.

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4 thoughts on “Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic Fun

  1. Flood

    I heard an interesting idea related to Mel Gibson. This analyst compared the apparent outrage over Mel’s comments and the surprise/lack of coverage that these same people have over Hezbollah’s open, blatant, and unapologetic anti-semitism. I thought that the idea was interesting, but then the commentary decended into crap.

    It also makes me think of Mencina, Chapelle, Borat, and others that often use our differences as comedy, especially where Borat gets the bar to sing with him “Throw the Jew Down the Well.” This is comedy, but where are our sensitivities now.

    I have also thought that we are often the main authors in our own oppression. Now I know that there is still racism in our country. I will cede that point to you, but sometimes people just need to take life less seriously. Mel really has had little impact on my life (except to encourage my road rage via “Mad Max”). Generally I don’t care what he says. Of cousre the natural response is that it is easy for me to say because I’m not Jewish (you think?), but I have still been in situations where I was the different person and those around me were friendly. I remember sitting down next to a young lady and being told immediately that I was oppressing her. Never met her and just said Hi Bitch (not really I just said Hi). I am pretty sure that in those 2.7 seconds of our relationship she brought in most of the oppression to our relationship. I have to confess that over the next hour I did mock her feminism and membership to PETA (but, come on she was wearing leather shoes) I guess when the oppressor crack the whip.

    So I guess that I have 2 points: 1 the media’s selective outrage over anti-semetism, and 2 the keys to our chains are in our own heads. I know that this last point leaves me open to charges of insensitivity, but challenger yourself instead of rejecting the idea out of hand.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s that the media has selective outrage over anti-Semitism, or that they have the penchant for blowing celebrity news WAAAAAAY out of proportion. Sensationalism over substance and all that.

    And when I watched that Borat clip what I thought was that I really didn’t want to see just how easily some people can be prodded into spouting out hateful shit. With the comedians you mention, mostly they use their comedic bits to point out hypocrisies and unconscious bigotry. Some comedians I’ve heard use their platform to actually attack people, and that’s when I have a little bit of a problem.

    Incidentally, Richard Pryor was probably the most talented comedian I’ve ever heard as far as racial humor goes. I’ve got the box set of all his Warner recordings, and damn was that man talented.

    But you’re right. At some point the indignation of the minority only fuels the attacks by the bigot. Most people realize that the shitheads who go around spouting off hateful crap are pariahs anyway. Just let’em keep digging their own graves, and eventually we’ll be done with that crap.

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