Well, we discussed Mazel today. Here is a small interview with Rebecca Goldstein from Princeton’s web site. I’ll find some more stuff to post about the book later. Still pondering the notion of community. Did I not like this novel as much as some of the others because of something so obvious as gender? Was it not as provocative as some other works I’ve read because of physiology? I hope not…and I really don’t think so. I mean I’ve seen Steel Magnolias a dozen times, and I’m a fan of “The Gilmore Girls” (I hate Jess…I just hate him). Regardless, I hope some secondary material will help me see something that I may have missed.

Anyone who took a look at the post I left about remote hunting should take a look at this. What the hell is wrong with people?

Anyone who is interested in copyright law and the ongoing battle between P2P, file-sharing, and the ownership of intellectual property (and really, who isn’t) would do well to check out this book which you can download for free from the link (the default format is .pdf). The author is an interesting guy and his blog is one that I read frequently (I also read reviews about comics. Diversify…that’s my motto).

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