M.A. Exam Study Materials

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Session Notes
8/22 First Session / Kirby’s Tips / Theory / Beowulf
8/24 Poetry Terminology (Work in Progress)

Study Notes Compliments of Kirby
General Terms
Prose and Poetry Terminology
Dramatic Terminology
Tragedy and Comedy as Dramatic Genres
Timeline containing Historical Period / Literary Period / Author / Works / Genre (Excel File)
M.A. Spreadsheet One
M.A. Spreadsheet Two

Medieval Period

Norton Historical Summary
Beowulf Notes
Beowulf Geneology (.jpg file)
Gawain Notes
Canterbury Tales Notes
C. T. Notes and Analysis
C.T. Supplementary Material
Dr. Allen’s C.T. Notes (compressed file .rar)
Mystery and Morality Plays

Sixteenth Century
Sixteenth Century Historical Background
Fairie Queen Notes
Fairie Queen Spark Notes
Hamlet Notes
Henry IV Notes
Jew of Malta / Dr. Faustus Notes
Midsummer Night’s Dream Notes
Utopia Notes
Utopia Spark Notes

Seventeenth Century
Early Seventeenth Introduction (Norton)
Restoration and 18th Century Introduction (Norton)
Ben Jonson Notes
Eliot’s Notes on Donne and other notes
Francis Bacon Notes
John Donne Notes
John Milton & Paradise Lost Notes

Eighteenth Century
Restoration and 18th Century Introduction (Norton)
Neoclassic or Long 18th Century
Gulliver’s Travels Notes
Gulliver’s Travels Spark Notes
Alexander Pope Notes
Pope Notes Essay on Criticism Notes
Rape of the Lock Spark Notes
Essay on Man
Tom Jones Notes
Tom Jones Spark Notes
Tom Jones Spark Notes Analysis

Nineteenth Century
Romantic Period
Romantic Writers Introduction Notes
Blake Poetry
Browning / Tennyson Notes
Browning / Tennyson Spark Notes
Frankenstein Barron Notes (.pdf)
Hawthorne and Romanticism
Harriet Jacobs- Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Moby Dick
Moby Dick Sparknotes
Moby Dick Spark Notes Analysis Only
Shaw- Pygmalion
Huckleberry Finn Notes
Huckleberry Finn Barron Notes (.pdf)
Importance of Being Ernest Notes

Twentieth Century
Twentieth Century / Modernism / Post-Modernism
Waiting for Godot Notes
Heart of Darkness Notes
T.S. Eliot / Prufrock / Wasteland
The Sound and the Fury
Hemingway / Sun / Other Stories
M. Butterfly
Death of a Salesman / Crucible
Song of Solomon
Flannery Day O’Connor Stories
Eugene O’Neill
Tennessee Williams / Glass Menagerie / Streetcar
To The Lighthouse

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