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3 thoughts on “links for 2008-06-13

  1. Flood

    I have always thought that the AT-AT was cool. But could it be effective? I mean the stupid thing trips!

  2. You know, the Imperial Fleet was comprised of ridiculous equipment. The AT AT was just stupid. The biggest example is the Death Star. Sure, it can blow up a planet, but it had to rely on a near-by moon for its shield, and the base couldn\’t even defend the moon. They had to send the Storm Troopers down there. Plus, the Death Star was nigh immovable. I\’m pretty sure it was mobile, but as quick as the Rebel ships were it might as well have been standing still.

    I guess that\’s what happens when an executive-heavy government gets too complacent in its power. Some rebels come in and fuck up the whole operation.

  3. Flood

    So did the Storm Trooper armor really work, ’cause it seems like they died in disproportionate numbers especially in comparison with the rebel’s injuries.

    Yeah, but when the rebels get in charge it just seems like they kept fucking things up. I mean look at all the books that have come out after the fall of the emperor.

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