A Little Bit Of This–A Little Bit Of That

I’ve got several posts coming up, but this one will just be a delightful smorgasbord of non sequiturs.

As I’m writing this, Zooey Deschanel is on Letterman. She is appearing before Scott McClellan, which just blows my mind. A fly is circling her stupid head, which I find oddly fitting. Dave seems more interested in the fly than in Zooey.

My internet connection started acting wonky last week, and then on Sunday it pretty much crapped out. I could reboot the modem and it would work for about fifteen minutes, but then it would go down quicker than Larry Craig in a men’s room (too dated?). I called Time Warner, and they said it would be this Saturday before a service guy could bring me another modem. A whole week without internets? I couldn’t handle it. I had drive to Time Warner myself. It was either that, or start shooting heroin. I had to have something to take the edge off.

I decided a while ago that next semester, instead of driving to work, I would ride my bike. Right now I’m working on a committee to develop an online tutoring program at UTSA, so I’ve actually had to be at my office during the summer, which means I’ve already started riding to the campus. In the few times I’ve ridden up to UTSA, I’ve noticed one, glaring fact: People driving cars are complete assholes. Seriously, slow down and share the friggin’ road, you jerks.

Even if you aren’t a cook, you need to buy Alton Brown’s new book Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run AB and his crew took their motorcycles and followed the Mississippi from the Gulf of Mexico up to its mouth in Minnesota. The only rules of the trip were that they couldn’t under any circumstances ride on an interstate, and they had to eat at local, independently owned restaurants. The book is AB’s diary of the trip, and while it does contain a few recipes, AB’s observations of America are simply wonderful.

Politics aside, do you feel comfortable knowing that the potential President of the United States doesn’t know how to operate a computer AT ALL ? Maybe I’m being silly, but I firmly believe that the President should at least be as capable as a four-year old.

I’ll leave you with one of the creepiest, and frighteningly memorable, music videos I’ve ever seen. Warning: Some nsfw language…and the two skeevy dudes just might haunt your dreams:

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2 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of This–A Little Bit Of That

  1. That was the most frightening and funny video I have ever seen. I loved it.

  2. Yeah. I can’t stop watching it. Ken Jeong was in Knocked-Up, and he’s only a comedian part-time. His day job is obstetrician.

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