Leeeeeerooooooy Jenkins

If you’ve never played on-line games before, then this video probably won’t be all that funny. Then again, you might find it funny no matter who you are. Watch it all the way through and marvel at Mr. Jenkin’s disregard for teamwork.

The few times I have played on-line games (I played Ultima On-line the longest) I usually end up getting pretty bored really fast. I don’t have the patience for them, so I usually end up making myself a pest for other players. The guys in the video are obviously hard-core gamers (one of the guys calculates the statistics of their survival rate down to percentages), but I very closely identify with Mr. Leroy Jenkins. The video gets funnier every time I watch it. I love Leroy’s battle cry, and then his partners’ befuddled reactions.

When I played U.O. I created a character that was a blacksmith, but I forgot to give him the ability to mine ore. So, I would make sure that I stayed within city limits (it was illegal to fight in the cities, if you did guards would appear and kill you) and find guys that were mining. Some guys liked to wait until they had mined a lot of ore before they picked it up. I would walk over to them and start talking, and as soon as they began to speak to me I picked up their ore and ran off. That’s really all I did in the game. It really wasn’t worth $14.00 a month.

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