Ladies and Gentlemen, Can I Please Have Your Attention!

I have a couple of quick announcements:

I recently acquired the domain name Someone had been squatting on it for a while, but it came up for sale and I bought it. So now you no longer need to type to access this page.

I mean, if you want to type the long address you certainly may. I’m not forbidding it or anything. Just notifying you of the available options in regards to Hyperliterature.

Also, the wacky weather here in San Antonio has played hell with my sinuses, and consequently I’ve probably taken enough cold medicine to kill a large camel. If you notice any odd postings, please disregard them as the rantings of an inebriated blogger.

Two days ago it was below freezing and today the temperature reached seventy. It’s a wonder I’m not dead from system shock. (That’s a real medical condition”¦I promise)

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