je ne sais quois

Don’t adjust your sets kids. You’re seeing the new and improved Hyperliterature”¦I hope you like it.

I hope the color change makes reading the blog a tad easier on the eyes. I also installed a Google Adsense bar at the top of the content section, so if you see something advertised that you like give it a click and I’ll receive a little change in exchange for your curiosity. Also, I think it only right to say that without Leigh’s help I wouldn’t have finished this template overhaul tonight. Okay, I may have finished it, but the colors would have looked awful and I would have placed borders around everything. I’m a border-crazy kinda guy.

Unfortunately, this monumental change took me all night to accomplish, and consequently I didn’t get around to composing an actual blog post.

Sorry ”˜bout that.

Normal jackassery will resume tomorrow, as per usual, when I’m less bleary-eyed.

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