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Blogger just lost the original entry for this post, so I’m going to try and remember what I wrote.

Several authors have begun to post their new books for free on-line under the Creative Commons copyright. The first time I heard about this practice I thought it was a pretty stupid idea, but then I read some of Lawrence Lessing’s book Free Culture on-line and several days later I inexplicably found myself at B&N buying the book. Now I’m a big fan of this trend and there are a couple of books I wanted to share with my beloved blog-readers.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and the author of a very funny blog, has just released his book God’s Debris on-line available for download. I really enjoy Adams’ writing, and I encourage you to check out his book.

I love Francis Heaney’s book Holy Tango of Literature. Here’s the synopsis for the book: ” THE QUESTION of what would happen if poets and playwrights wrote works whose titles were anagrams of their names is one that has been insufficiently studied in the past. This may simply be because most poets and playwrights have not written any works whose titles are anagrams of their names…we have created a series of literary reconstructions that represent our best guesses as to what such anagram-based literature would be like. Given that we had no notes whatsoever upon which to base our work, we had to be extra scrupulous.

I’m especially fond of the Emily Dickinson entry:


I have a skinny Domicile””
Its Door is very narrow.
‘Twill keep””I hope””the Reaper out””
His Scythe””and Bones””and Marrow.

Since Death is not a portly Chap,
The Entrance must be thin””
So””when my Final Moment comes””
He cannot wriggle in.

That’s why I don’t go out that much””
I can’t fit through that Portal.
How dumb””to waste my Social Life
On Plans to be””immortal””

I like free stuff and you should too, so encourage other authors to continue this practice by buying books from authors who publish for free.

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