ETSU vs Hooters

East Tennessee State University recently kicked a cheerleader off their cheer squad for working at Hooters. Apparently, they didn’t think that employment at Hooters was a very noble thing and quickly sought to disassociate themselves from the unrefined waitress. Click here for the full story.

Two things on this:

1. At least at Hooters the waitresses don’t kick their legs up in the air giving all the patrons crotch-shots. And I’m reasonably sure that Hooters waitresses don’t hoist one another up in the air by placing their hands on each others tushies, while simultaneously encouraging the customers to scream “DEFENSE” at the fry-cooks.

2. Leigh worked as a physical trainer for the football team of a southern Baptist University we both attended (it rhymes with “Mayler”) and judging from the stories she heard and witnessed if serving chicken wings and watered down beer were the worst thing this girl did then she’s practically a saint in the collegiate cheerleading world.

The end of the article quotes a representative of Hooters as saying “”it’s a black eye” if the team doesn’t welcome Sams back.” That quote brought to mind this sign that we saw hanging in the tube stations in London:Be sure to enlarge that because the caption at the bottom is the funny part.

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3 thoughts on “ETSU vs Hooters

  1. Anonymous

    The “Hooters” issue is just a red herring. Truth is her grades weren’t up to par and she was kicked off for that.

  2. How mundane. Hmm, you know, I may just take the Frey approach and stick with my version. Makes the jokes funnier.

  3. If they were “really” kicking her off because of her grades, then why did they bring up the Hooters issue? – surely they knew it would breed controversy, something they would certainly rather avoid. I think there’s more to it it than grades…maybe her grades weren’t bad enough to kick her off, so they used Hooters to tip the scale?

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