Enough With the Serious

Time to ease back a bit on the anger, and resume with the usual jackassery. I thought I’d make this post as light and inconsequential as possible, and what better way to achieve that goal than with some clips of news personalities going down in flames.

First up, Authur Chi’en. He got fired from WCBS for dropping the dreaded f-bomb on-air.

Then we have Shepard Smith, whose Freudian slip doesn’t exactly come out of nowhere.

Next is Matt DiNardo from WFXV. Apparently he wasn’t pleased with his performance and his anger got the better of him”¦or he has Tourettes and it chose to manifest itself on live television.

And finally we have Mark Mathis, formerly of WCCB in North Carolina. Mathis had an appetite for the cocaine and some say it may have affected his on-air weather reports. You be the judge.

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One thought on “Enough With the Serious

  1. leigh

    what’s even funnier than chi’en dropping the f-bomb, was that it was an o&a sign in the background.

    and correct me if i’m wrong, but how exactly would they give j-lo a bj? i’m sure she can give ’em though. taco-taco.

    at least dinardo ended with a smile. 🙂

    and finally, mathis is coked out of his mind…either that or he has some other mental problems.

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