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In this video Keith Olberman finds words for many of the thoughts I’ve been unable to write down. Here’s a quote: “This is the law and order and terror government. It promised protection, or at least ameliorations, against all threats, conventional, radiological, or biological. It has just proved that it cannot save its citizens from a biological weapon called ‘standing water.'”

For an administration that achieved victory largely by characterizing their opponents as incapable of protecting our country, the administration has proven those words were merely an avenue to victory. Their empty rhetoric was a way to invigorate the religious who felt disenfranchised in a society growing more tolerant and more reliant on science and technology. Liberal attitudes and values scared them, and in the face of an attack which took place on our soil their fears were manipulated. Put your faith in us, the Bush administration said, we’ll keep you safe.

I’ve said for a long time that I don’t have a problem with Republican rhetoric and philosophy. In fact, under other circumstances I would consider myself more aligned with the Republicans than with the Democrats. But I’m not about to be led around by the nose with a blindfold on. The Bush administration has changed the Republican Party so drastically it is hardly recognizable. Consequently, this changed party has done their level best to redefine what the United States stands for, and what they stand for disgusts me. They care about a free market because they know their friends and family in industry benefit from one. They care about religion because that’s what is important to their base, and those who are strong adherents to a religion are more likely to unquestioningly place their trust in the hands of a passionate leader.

Republicans have turned into a bunch of cowards. They are afraid of criticizing the Bush administration because they have seen what happens to dissenters. It is time for the cowards to leave and those with backbone to begin taking back not only the Republican Party but the country as well. If we can begin impeachment proceeding because the Commander In Chief is deceitful about an extramarital affair, I don’t think I’m out of line in suggesting proceedings should begin for one who led us into a war on false pretenses, and then bungled the help and rescue efforts for the largest natural disaster that has befallen our country in history.

Harsh sentiments? Perhaps. But no more harsh than the situation in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. And all the Bush administration has to offer the American people are talking points. Enough with the “we’re problem solvers, that’s what we do we solve problems,” and the “we shouldn’t play politics at a time like this,” or the “You’re doing a heckuva job Brownie.” You know what? If the district manager of McDonald’s were to make a managerial mistake which denied his stores the supplies needed to make the Big Macs, then that manager would be fired. No questions, just a handshake and then he would be told to turn in his paper hat and leave.

You may say, “But Mark, this was a disaster which defied logic, and the administration dealt with it as fast and as competently as they were able.” To which I would respond, “You’re full of shit.” Bush was able to organize relief efforts for the devastation caused by Hurricane Charley “before the storm hit.” When asked about the federal governments role in hurricane relief as it applied to Hurricane Charley, Bush responded, “He said the government ‘is set up to respond very quickly, and we are.'” Maybe the quick response time only occurs in the states in which Bush’s brother is the Governor. If you don’t believe me then you need to click here and read the article for yourself. It’s from the St. Petersburg Times and it was written on August 17, 2004. The administration had dealt with similar disasters before and this time it failed miserably.

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