Edwards To Drop Out Of The Race?!

This news is still developing, but apparently John Edwards will announce this afternoon at 1 P.M. EST that he will be dropping out of the race. An “aide” inside his campaign claims that Edwards will not immediately back either Obama or Hillary. Another says that whatever he does he will not be supporting Hillary. Those aides. Notoriously cagey bunch, ain’t they?

I’d always thought that Edwards was simply biding his time to drop out, and would then add his delegates in with Obama’s for an Obama/Edwards tag-team (I hear Obama has a killer suplex). I just thought he’d do it after the amazing, astonishing, incredible, sooper-dooper Tuesday. But if there will be an Obama/Edwards ticket, this makes total sense. What better way to kill any coverage of Hillary’s imaginary win in the imaginary Florida primary than Edwards dropping out?

I’m embarrassed to say that I did not think of that intelligent proposition. I cribbed it from a poster in a Fark forum. I can haz plagurizm? Kthxbi!

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One thought on “Edwards To Drop Out Of The Race?!

  1. Tank

    He’ll support the front runner after Super Tuesday in order to get his coveted vice presidential nomination, which in eight years he intends to turn into a viable presidency campaign. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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