Caution: Immature Content And Naughty Words Will Follow


Before one of my classes began today, I asked the few students that had already wandered into the classroom how they felt about revising their most recent paper. It was due today, and most of them answered wearily that the process went okay. They have been working on the paper for over a week, so I expected them to display a smidgen of resigned disappointment, because no one’s ever completely happy with their final draft. One girl surprised me by stating that she found the revision process difficult, and she elaborated further by stating emphatically that it “sucked balls.”soap

Now, you all know that I’m no prude. Hell, I can recite the classic seven dirty words from memory (shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits), but I don’t really classify the phase “sucked balls” as conducive to an academic environment.

And while we’re on the subject, why is “suck balls” pejorative anyway? Without being too graphic””or is it already too late””I’d classify something that sucked balls as pretty cool. Hell, sucking balls is downright philanthropic.

Now, if she said that the revision process “bit balls” then I’d have understood the sentiment a bit better.

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7 thoughts on “Caution: Immature Content And Naughty Words Will Follow

  1. Hehehehe, yeah, “tea-bagging,” while having many laudable qualities, is hardly the subject for discussion in an academic environment, unless of course it is the subject of said girl’s paper… 😈

  2. If she had actually said “tea-bag” I think I would have canceled class.

  3. The Student

    As I said in class the day of the incident, “I’m Sorry”. I in no way intended to offend you, and I can assure you I will not be using that type of vocabulary again any time soon.
    P.s. I enjoyed your class.

  4. Words offending me? Naw. Would never happen. But I couldn’t exactly say “why, do you think, is suck balls a negative” in the middle of class.

  5. Chris

    See, now you could’ve killed two birds with one stone, and suggested she write a paper on the respective merits of emphasizing points by using minor profanity, and how one person’s negative could also be be considered a positive merit by another and therefore change all meaning of the intended rebuttal.

    Maybe then next time when she really liked a particular in your class, she could have again used the tea bagging comment to commend you! Or at the very least she would definately be forced to think before each comment, and wonder just *what* may be going through your mind if she was to say it.

  6. My worst nightmare is that people could actually see what’s going on inside my mind. It’s a scary place.

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