Can He Walk At All, Or If He Moves Will He Fall?

When Tony Hurtubise was 20 years old he was attacked by a grizzly bear while hiking. After surviving the attack Hurtubise decided to study bears in the hopes of learning more about their behavior and preventing future attacks. Hurtubise knew that he couldn’t get close enough to the bears to observe them without getting mauled again, and after getting some inspiration from Robocop, he set out to design a suit safe enough to get up close and personal to the bears.

And thus, the Ursus series suit was born. Here’s some clips of Hurtubise testing the suit.

Those clips are from the documentary “Project Grizzly.” (I’ve got in on my Netflix queue; I’ll tell you how it is.)

Here’s Hurtubise’s wiki entry… it reads like something out of a comic book. To quote Ray Stantz, Hurtubise is “either an authentic wacko or a certified genius.”

Rig that suit up with some kind of light-weight power system that supplies energy to hydraulics which would enhance our natural musculature, and you’ve got yourself something that would make Heinlein and Steakley drool.

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One thought on “Can He Walk At All, Or If He Moves Will He Fall?

  1. Flood

    Soon as they get the gyros, energy, hydraulics and I am so there.

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