Bert and Ernie are next up for a public burning…

What is it with the Christian leaders in this country? Jerry Falwell thought Tinky-Winky was gay and that 9/11 was the result of God’s anger brought upon by, among other things, feminists and “pagans.” (It was Lewis Black that asked “Pagans? Aren’t they a motorcycle group?”) Now James Dobson apparently thinks Spongebob Squarepants is among those whose goal it is to destroy “moral values,” in America (I’d rather spend my time with an “immoral” gay couple than the pillar of morality Dobson anytime…but that’s just me). Spongebob appears in a video, with a ton of other popular children’s characters, that is designed for young children. Dobson apparently thinks the video is pro-gay (what does that even mean? anti-bigotry? anti-hetero? pro-QE?) Check out the story here. And if you have a fast connection or a lot of patience please watch the accompanying video clip from MSNBC News. The video in which Spongebob appears plays in full during the clip, and while I didn’t see anything resembling a gay relationship Steve Burns appears several times, and I find that guy offensive as hell.

Just an afterthought: I can’t wait until Dobson’s scandal comes out. I don’t know what it will be but I’m sure it will be entertaining. Perhaps a gambling problem a la William Bennett? Or maybe some sexual indiscretions just like my personal hero Jim Bakker? Or how about questionable financial contributions just like the hero of the pundits Armstrong Williams or Maggie Gallagher? Or maybe he’ll just turn into a fountain of entertainment like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. My vote? I’m hoping for a Robert Tilton-esque downfall.

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