The beauty and danger of blogs.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but in case you haven’t, at the top right of the screen there is a button that says “next blog.” Click on it, and you’ll be transported to a random person’s blog. Sometimes when I don’t have a lot going on (no sarcastic comments) I like to see what other people are writing about. Sometimes it’s mundane, sometimes it’s funny, but it’s always interesting what people are willing to reveal about themselves in such a public/anonymous way. I encourage you to peruse the other blogs out there, and to occasionally comment on ones you find particularly interesting. Personally speaking there is nothing more gratifying than knowing you have somehow gained the passing interest of a reader.
That said now a few words of caution: Some people apparently view the blog as a way of tricking people into clicking buttons for keyloggers, adware, or other evil programs. So, if while using the “next blog” button you encounter a small window that appears in the center of your browser, do not, I repeat in capital letters, DO NOT click on it in any way. No matter what the box says do not click on it. It is probably an active x box and you should not be fooled into messing with it. My advice? What I usually do will probably be viewed as a bit extreme, but in these times of identity theft and rampant worms and viruses I’ll take extreme over economic or computer damage any day. Simply depress CTRL-ALT-DELETE and end task on Internet Explorer. I know, I know, that closes IE immediately. Well, that’s the damn point. I close it, start it up again, go back to blogger and start looking. The “next blogger” button chooses blogs to show you at random so odds are you won’t hit that blog again.
That’s what I do. But I’m over cautious. You do what you want, I still think you should take a look at what other people are writing. It’s enlightening.

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One thought on “The beauty and danger of blogs.

  1. The “Next Blog” button is a fascinating thing. It brings a nice randomness to the internet experience. As you note, there are blogs that pique my interest and blogs I am unable to appreciate.

    It’s kind of like walking into a good bookstore. You know it’s going to contain books, but the kind and variety are unknown. You might find something you would never have thought to look for.

    Much as I like Amazon, I like a good bookstore better.

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