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I realize my last post was rather long, and shockingly enough not even remotely funny, so I’m chasing it with this one.

As I stated previously we saw “Capote” tonight, and after the movie ended I realized something fairly important about myself: I hate people.

Not all people mind you, just the people in theaters who aren’t me or Leigh or our friends. Those people I hate.


I hate them because they eat popcorn like starving and malnourished bovines. Enough with the bag rustling! Good God, eat before you get here or wait till the movie ends. Surely you can wait two hours before your body needs to refuel.

I hate where they sit. In a 300 seat theater there are only eight people, so can you please explain to me why two dickheads feel the need to sit directly behind us?

But most of all I hate that they talk incessantly. Hey, Chatty-Cathy, I didn’t pay twelve dollars to listen to your dumbass commentary on the movie. If the person with you can’t understand what the hell’s going on in the movie without a running explanation then you probably shouldn’t have let them leave the house in the first place. They obviously aren’t capable of blending in with society so leave them at home.

Other than that I find the whole experience of going to the movies wonderful.

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One thought on “At The Movies

  1. Yup! I usually yell out really loudly – “If you wanna talk, RENT a movie” – that usually shuts them up. Almost got beat up once – but it was worth it 😛 That’s what’s awesome about going to the movies in Los Angeles. Since it’s an industry town, people take their movie-watching seriously. Someone tries talking there, and usher will come and shine a flash light on your face, and then if you keep talking, you get escorted out. Mwahaha. Just thinking about it makes me all happy 🙂

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