Angel Sex and Hidden Love

I was talking with some friends last Thursday night about the hot angel sex Raphel describes to Adam in book 8 of Paradise Lost and”¦wait, you didn’t know hot angel sex was discussed in Paradise Lost? You thought Milton was an old fuddy-duddy who never wrote anything titillating? You’re definitely wrong, and unfortunately you’re missing out on some hot action my friend. Here’s how Raphel describes the dirty dance of the angelic:

Whatever pure thou in the body enjoy’st
(And pure thou wert created) we enjoy
In eminence and obstacle find none
Of membrane, joint or limb, exclusive bars.
Easier than air with air, if spirits embrace,
Total they mix, union of pure with pure
Desiring, nor restrained conveyance need
As flesh to mix with flesh or soul with soul (8.622-629)

Steamy, huh? It doesn’t get much hotter than “Total they mix, union of pure with pure / Desiring.” Passages like that serve to remind me that passion and sexuality hide everywhere. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll prove it with a contemporary example.

You saw Revenge of the Jedi, huh? If you did then I’m assuming you were as unimpressed with the chemistry (or lack thereof) between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman as I was. Silly old me thought the lack of emotion was either due to bad writing or poor acting, or perhaps some combination of the two. It turns out the relationship between Anakin and Padme was only a ruse meant to conceal a love the Jedi council could never have understood. Watch “Romance of the Jedi” and you’ll see what I mean:

Click here to download the clip.

I find the relationship in that trailer more believable than the one in the actual film. I only wish someone would have said, “I see your Force is as big as mine…now let’s see how well you handle it!”

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