I’d like to solicit some advice and recommendations from my lovely readers. In two weeks Leigh and I will begin a three week vacation to Europe. We’re visiting London, Venice, Florence, Rome, Athens, and Delphi.

If any of my readers would like to share travel tips, restaurant recommendations, decent theaters, free wi-fi hotspots, or anything else of interest I would appreciate it greatly.

Now, I don’t want anyone to worry about my absence. We just bought a new laptop to take with us and I have every intention of posting while on vacation. The new laptop even sports a nifty built-in card reader so I can easily post pictures. Most likely I’ll create a photostream on flickr (use the link on the sidebar to visit my flickr photos) for the majority of the photos I want to share, but I’ll post the exceptional ones here as well.

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2 thoughts on “Advice?

  1. OMG! You are so fortunate! Well, I’ve lived in both London and Rome, and frequently visited Florence while living in Rome, so expect a few choice recommendations. Want me to email them, post them here, or blog them? I’m so excited for you and Leigh 🙂 Who’s taking care of your dog while you’re travelling the world? Hey, you never did tell me what happened to the rescued puppies? A post on that would be molto appreciated!

    Buon Viaggio! ~A

  2. You can email them if you’d like. Or a post would be neat too. Whatever you’d like; I’d really appreciate it.

    My mother will be puppysitting Ellie. Ellie loves it there because my mom doesn’t make her do anything. She can go outside without having to sit and put on a leash. If she’s on a leash she doesn’t have to heel. But I guess that’s what grandmothers are for.

    The puppies had to go to the Humane Society. As sad as it made me we just couldn’t keep them. This little apartment barely holds us. I like to think they were adopted quickly. They were awfully cute.

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