Automatic Gainsaying

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you probably know that I don’t have a very high opinion of the mainstream media in the United States. I have an even lower opinion of politicians, and I’ve struggled to find a reason that would explain to me why discourse in this country has sunk to such a deplorable level. We all know that the pontifications of our politicians are nothing more than verbal masturbation, but the question remains; why has the bullshit gotten out of hand?

I have two words for you: Monty Python.

I can sense your confusion. I would like to draw your attention to exhibit A:

See? See? Doesn’t it all make sense now? In the seventies, when PBS first began airing Monty Python, those burgeoning and impressionable young politicians turned on their T.V.’s and saw that sketch. The sketch must have lodged deep inside their young medulla oblongatas, only to bounce around and influence their future political careers.

Okay, so it’s a stretch. But imagining that we’re stuck inside a Monty Python sketch gives me more hope than the alternative.

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