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I’m Not Gay…But I’d Still Like To See Your…Wait, Are Those Handcuffs?

Tonight we’ll be talking about what it means to be gay, or, more specifically, what it means to be decidedly not-gay, especially if you’re in the U.S. Senate.** I know what intellectuals like Kinsey have to say on the subject of homosexuality, and while tonight’s post may very well include academic insights on the subject, […]

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God’s love

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Everyone, please say hello to South Carolina’s Ms. Fail 2007:

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Dogs and Cats, Living Together…

Good gracious. It’s been a weird news morning. First, I see everywhere that Speedy resigned. Hasta la vista, puto! Then I read that Owen Wilson has been hospitalized for a botched suicide attempt. Ugh. Hopefully Speedy will remember he resigned tomorrow. I also hope that Wilson receives the help he needs. Unlike Lohan, whom I […]

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Wil Wheaton Indicted for Role in Robot Fighting Ring First Michael Vick and now Wheaton?

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Harold & Kumar 2 NPH is so gangsta.

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Autonomous Production Line…Made of Legos It makes my nerdy little mind reel. Boy Fries Himself with Hot Hot Xbox 360 The first four sentences of this story are totally awesome. Mass Hysteria Bill Murray was pulled over for in downtown Stockholm for drunk driving…in a golf cart. Well, at least dogs and cats aren’t living […]

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Back To School…

I’m not exactly old hat at this teaching thing just yet, but I’m also not a greenhorn, either. But, as I sit here in my office before the first class of the semester, I find that I still feel a little like Billy:Ah well. First-class jitters. Kinda like first performance jitters of the stage, except […]

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links for 2007-08-17

Overdrift- via YouTube I have no idea how to describe this short film, other than to say it’s totally awesome.

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Much to the dismay of everyone in San Antonio, Tropical Storm Erin moved out of the Gulf of Mexico today and proceeded to sit directly on top of us and rain down enough water to make me start rereading Genesis for survival tips. I still haven’t figured out what the hell a cubit is. Anywho. […]

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