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Don’t Be Scared

Happy Halloween! The only holiday where the ritualized terrorization of children is not only condoned its encouraged! Boo! Gather your friends and go visit a haunted house. Not a real one you dummy! Ghosts don’t really exist, but many fine businesses that specialize in scaring the shit out of their customers surely do. Go here […]

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It’s Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away

I think I’m getting old. Leigh and I saw Def Leppard tonight, and I thought the volume was just a tad too loud. I enjoyed it and all, but it could have been a little less loud and I would have enjoyed it a bit more. Leigh and I had the privilege of sitting next […]

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Hairy Fishnuts

I’m a big fan of comic books but not such a big fan of the comics’ page in the newspaper. The only writer/artist left who I think has any talent whatsoever is Scott Adams, but I can read his strip on the internet. Incidentally, Scott has recently begun an extremely funny blog, which I find […]

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Over at Dave Anaxagoras’ blog “Man Bytes Hollywood,” Dave posted an entry detailing why he’s a film fan and not a film buff. He says, “To me, “film buff” implied a broad affinity for film in general ”” a wide ranging appetite for celluloid, be it Hollywood blockbuster, experimental, silent or new wave. “Film buffs” […]

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I Wanted Take-Out. Tough. We’re Having Leftovers.

As you can see, I’m drowning in bookmarked pages. Finally, I have time for a quick leftover post and then it’s back to the ”˜ole literary grind for me. The Religious Policeman-“The diary of a Saudi man living in the United Kingdom, where the religious policemen no longer trouble him for the moment.” As inflammatory […]

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Pre-Empted Bloggery

I didn’t around to writing a “leftover” post tonight like I had planned. Studying took precedent over bloggery, so the big post will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. There are really only so many things I can do with sleep-deprived, bloodshot eyes and a big “leftover” post isn’t one of them. Until then, I […]

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Who Watches the Watchmen?

I realize I may very well be the only person on the planet who simultaneously subscribes to Entertainment Weekly while maintaining a membership with the Modern Language Association. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a multi-faceted nerd. Anyway, since most folks I know don’t subscribe to that bastion of journalism Entertainment Weekly, […]

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Mobile Blog

Waiting for class. The weather is agonizingly beautiful . And I’m about to be stuck indoors and subjected to insufferable drivel for 3 hours. What I wouldn’t give for a bell tower and an AK-47. FYI- This took an idiotic amount of time to type out on a cell phone.

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Manic Monday or Jesus Meet Lestat

Sorry I haven’t blogged since Saturday. I began Friday night believing I could finish Moby Dick in two days, which I found to be an impossible task. Impossible not because the book boasts over six hundred pages (my edition does anyway) but more because whale-talk puts me to sleep faster than folks who try to […]

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Wilma of the Hurricane Persuasion

You can go to this page for photos of Wilma whomping the hell out of Cancun/Cozumel (you have to scroll down quite a bit and you have to click on the links that have the .jpg extension to see the images). Fortunately, the Mexican government made sure everyone evacuated, but man does it look scary […]

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