I Wanted Take-Out. Tough. We’re Having Leftovers.

As you can see, I’m drowning in bookmarked pages. Finally, I have time for a quick leftover post and then it’s back to the ”˜ole literary grind for me.

The Religious Policeman-“The diary of a Saudi man living in the United Kingdom, where the religious policemen no longer trouble him for the moment.” As inflammatory towards the Saudis as this guy writes I wouldn’t be surprised if a car accident awaits him the near future, which would be a shame because I find his blog entertaining as hell.

Go here to read an interview about blogging with Wil Wheaton that appeared over at the Forbes web site. Nothing really revealing in that article, but since Wil was nice enough to find this video for me, I thought I’d give him a little link. As if he needs my help.

I’m pretty sure that this web site is extremely racist, but I’m not real sure if white people or black people are the target of the racism. I tend to think it portrays white people as a bunch of condescending, racist asses. Regardless, the site’s funny, check it out.

November is National Novel Writing Month. Write a novel which meets or exceeds 50,000 words in the span of a month and you’ll win”¦ummm”¦well”¦I can’t really find what you win but you’ve written a novel. So there’s that.

The blogger over at “moleskinerie” submitted his blog and found it worth $175,571.94. Ha-Ha. What an amateur. As we all know, my blog’s worth was incalculable.

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, since the apocalypse seems quite near and inevitable, I think I’m going to start the looting and the drinking a bit early to avoid the rush.

The Music Genome Project has created a music application called Pandora. You enter in a song you feel represents music you would like to hear more of, and Pandora will find other songs and bands with the same musical “feel” to them. You can listen to each selection Pandora chooses or scroll through them to find out what you like. Enter in “Tenacious D” and it pulls up some pretty decent tunes. So does Loreena McKennit as an entry. I could play with this damn thing all day.

The Author’s Letter To His Soon To Be Ex-Wife”

ePodunk maps out geographically where folks subjected to a diaspora reside within the United States. They even have a page which maps the diaspora of Louisiana citizens after Katrina.

Were you addicted to Super Mario Bros. when it first arrived on the NES? I know I was. This site shows you how to create a Super Mario World out of cardboard boxes. Looks like fun. I’d jump up and punch one of the boxes.

This guy seems to think that blogging as a form has already peaked, and that anyone with anything important to say doesn’t post it publicly anymore. He says all blogs do now are trade inconsequential links and spout off nonsense. Personally, I think he’s an idiot. Now, back to the jackassery.

For those living under a rock or too drunk or stoned to care, Harriet Miers withdrew from the Supreme Court nomination. I guess even she thought she was unqualified. I would have just bullshitted my way as far as I could have gone if I had been in her shoes. Hell, how many times do you get nominated to the Supreme Court?

I’ve posted about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Pastafarians before, hell I’ve got a button for the web site on my side bar, but I thought you might like to see this photo set. Some Pastafarians from Missourissi State University saw a group of evangelical Christians protesting with signs claiming that the end was nigh, so they decided to do some proselytizing of their own. I gotta get me a pirate outfit.

A restaurant in NYC where your servers are ninjas. Brilliant. I’m booking a flight tomorrow. Unfortunately, no ninjas appear in the photographs. They’re all blending in to their surroundings in preparation to kill the photographer with a garrote.

Enjoy the leftovers. Be sure to tip your waiter or he’ll push a sword through your back.

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2 thoughts on “I Wanted Take-Out. Tough. We’re Having Leftovers.

  1. The black people love us website was funny.

    If you look at it, it is making fun of steroatypes in general. It’s not really racist, it’s very tounge in cheek.

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