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Intellectual Property

I found this interesting…but I’m also a nerd. It’s about Intellecutal Property rights and a company whose sole puropse is to buy up all the patents it can get its hands on. Oh yeah, the company is funded my Microsoft, Intel, Yahoo, Google and other multi-billion dollar companies. Scary stuff. But reader beware…it’s kinda bland […]

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Last day of class…

I had a great time. This was class one of the best I have taken at UTSA (and I’m not just trying to suck up to Dr. Lyons). The discussions were terrific, the people were fun, and the food didn’t hurt either. I’m going to continue the blog, and I hope that everyone who reads […]

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An idea and a welcome

For the final paper in Dr. Lyons class I thought we might be able to post our topic, and if anyone has any type of material that could be helpful we could share it. I’m doing mine on the style of writing JSF employed in his novel. In particular how similar it is to hyperlinks […]

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A Sign…

War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence have begun shoeing their horses in preparation. Because if this will come to pass…it is the final sign the apocalypse is upon us.

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Cause for Concern

Things like this really concern me. Am I the only one? Who the hell cares if Verizon Wireless loses customers of their crappy dial-up service? I don’t. Since when did the bottom lines of corporate entities become more important than the interests of US citizens? Uh, wait…don’t answer that. As a side note I really […]

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M.A. Exam Study Materials

Please let me know if any link is broken. Session Notes 8/22 First Session / Kirby’s Tips / Theory / Beowulf 8/24 Poetry Terminology (Work in Progress) Study Notes Compliments of Kirby Terminology General Terms Prose and Poetry Terminology Dramatic Terminology Tragedy and Comedy as Dramatic Genres Timeline containing Historical Period / Literary Period / […]

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Well, we discussed Mazel today. Here is a small interview with Rebecca Goldstein from Princeton’s web site. I’ll find some more stuff to post about the book later. Still pondering the notion of community. Did I not like this novel as much as some of the others because of something so obvious as gender? Was […]

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A J.S.F article compliments of Jim…and a digression.

Jim just sent me this article: The Escapist. I just recieved it so I haven’t read it yet. Thanks Jim. Just a small digression. Do stories like this make you proud to be a Texan, or what? Me…I’m going with the or what. Also, I just sent out a few messages to people telling them […]

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Several files and a couple of citations.

Here are three works by J.S.F. The first appeared in Review of Contemporary Fiction, Spring 2000, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p8. The second appeared in the same journal on page 91. The third appeared in The Paris Review Fall 2000, Vol. 42 Issue 156, p383: Proximity of Brad to Bradford Imagining Giovanni’s Gift About the […]

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Here’s a really cool web site that I was talking about in class today: Enter in a web site in The Way Back Machine and it will show you its different permutations over the years. Type in and it will give you this:*/ April 21 2003- Dec. 14 2003 are still functioning.

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