It’s Raining Men

In addition to my Comp I classes, this semester I’m teaching a couple of Comp II classes. At UTSA Comp I is a class that instructs students on the finer points of informative writing, while Comp II is argumentative based. Since Comp II is argumentative most of the class is devoted to helping students discuss various issues as a way ignite critical thinking, in hopes that they will become impassioned and anxious to write about their opinions. Each week is devoted to a particular social topic, and each week a group of students prepares and delivers a presentation on that topic. This week was obesity and fast food.

The presenters asked if they could bring a laptop and show a small clip from Morgan Spurlock’s “Super-size Me.” I said sure. So today the group brought in their material, which included a laptop, and they began setting up at the beginning of class. One of the young men in the group had brought the laptop, but he had borrowed it from his sister and wasn’t very familiar with the controls, so the rest of the group went ahead and started the presentation while he worked on getting their clip up and running.

Now, keep in mind that he’s got the laptop hooked up to a projector, which is displaying the screen of the laptop behind him. He was facing the class and the projector screen was behind him, and because the laptop was hooked into the projector he had to turn 180 degrees to see what was on the screen. He told us he had the clip ready, his group members got quiet, and the class looked up at the projector. He clicked play on Windows Media Player, and the video started playing.

Except the video that started playing wasn’t a clip from “Super-size Me.” The clip that started playing was a gay porn. And not just meatshocked and potatoes gay sex, either. It was a full-on pile of man orgy. A sweating, grunting pile of gay love. Right in the middle of class.

Needless to say we didn’t get a hell of a lot done after that.

And we’re still early in the semester. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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12 thoughts on “It’s Raining Men

  1. Flood

    How do you know it wasn’t a clip from supersize me?

  2. Maybe it was the porn version. Kind of like Edward Penishands.

  3. Christopher

    it made my day to see everyone laugh like that..if it means anything lol

  4. I’d have paid good money to be there – Man, are your students getting more than their money’s worth in your class! šŸ™‚ Heheh, adventures in teaching.

  5. Flood

    So did you charge a cover to get into class? I also noticed that you made the Picture even smaller

  6. leigh

    why has no one questioned how mark knows what “meat and potatoes gay sex” is? i sure as hell would like to know!?!?

  7. Flood

    We thought that you knew!

  8. I’m too proud to even enter into this supposed discussion about my supposed sexual proclivities.

  9. Flood

    It doesn’t matter, we are going to mock you regardless. So, who’s computer did your student borrow? And Leigh, you might want to get lover boy help.

  10. He said it was his sister’s. I completely expect to be mocked. I like the degradation.

    Whoops. Revealing too much again.

  11. Flood

    You’re into scatology as well, aren’t you?

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