Be Mine

be nmine

Ellie says to tell everyone Happy Valentine’s Day. She also says that her heart is yours for the taking, provided you have some really yummy treats.

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  1. Anniina says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Ellie (and your mom and dad too). Wilbur saw your picture, and said there’s a handsome blonde in Pennsylvania, who would love to some day meet you for walks, conversation, and yummy treats.

  2. Flood says:

    I won’t tell you what Joe said.

  3. Hypermark says:

    Well, you can tell Wilbur that Ellie loves walks, although she’s a little anti-social, but she can be courted by a little ear-nibbling.

    And Joe frightens Ellie. His insane running, constant pooping, and slobbery jowls are imposing. Although Ellie does admire his no-fear qualities. She wishes she could leap down hills with such wild abandon.

  4. leigh says:

    but her heart belongs to anubis…no matter how silly he is

  5. Flood says:

    Once you go joe, you will never go back!

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