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  1. Anonymous

    You know if we had a few more spiders maybe we could totally destroy the stinking birds!

    Murtha-I was hoping of Godzilla vs. Mothra. What was that other shit!

    I alway wonder what level of hell Monty Python would reside in. Or should I say will. Makes you wonder what type humor God enjoys

  2. I hope he likes slap-stick, because nothing would make me happier than an eternity of nut-shots.

  3. Anonymous

    So I have been thinking about the Murtha clip. I think that he might as well have called Gohmert (might have spelled it wrong) a Nazi aka Godwin’s Law. So if you weren’t in Vietnam you are not in a position to make a comment, or your comment is not as valuable as a veterians? (Guess Bush can’t have an opinion on Iraq) Murtha has his position, G-boy has his. Great! Look at them and make a choice. But don’t base the rightousness of your cuase on your service. It is like Bush’s Post 911 thinking line. At some point it is a load of crap. If this were true a lot of use should have no opinion’s on this issue and almost every other.

    I can’t talk about education ’cause I’m not a teacher.

    I can’t comment on government ’cause I haven’t held an elected position.

    I can’t talk about drunk driving because I haven’t driven off a bridge and left some one dead.

    I guess the list goes on and on (broke a grammer rule there right?).

    I think that when you get down to it they are both sanctimonious asses if we were completely honest.

    I think that it is a requirement for office.

    So bring on your excuses and objections


  4. Anonymous

    I feel your pain.

    You know the one disappointment that i have with posting stuff if that I don’t get that instant input from the other person. That and I wonder if you laugh where I thought you would or understood the references that I left in the post. I guess it is an imperfect world.

    On with the Murtha, I wonder what his motivation is? I have some questions. Maybe that makes me a bad person (as we both know that I am). And what did he expect when he came out with his new stand. You make a choice knowing that others are not going to agree and question you. And the vacuous one are going to question your patriotism. Should have seen it coming. It is not really that hard to predict.

    On a side note I am debating on whether or not to comment on the Gore stuff. and then in what way to go. Proabibly (spelling; makes you wonder what kind of education I get).


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