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  1. Okay, since we’ve opened the ‘Star Wars’ topic, let’s discuss. Best one? Worst one? I posit that the original, “Episode IV: A New Hope” was the standard where the bar was set, and none of the others ever met that again, and “Episode I: The Phantom Menace” was the lowest of low points. Talk amongst yourselves, I’m verklempt.

  2. Anonymous

    Nope. The Empire Strikes back was the best. It was dark and didn’t have any of that feel good sap that Lucas brought into the next three films. The Phantom Menace and the whatever the next waste of film was called both sucked (unless you skipped all the scenes with Anikin and Pademe). What the Revenge of the Sith lacked in plot, acting ability, and other classical criteria, it made up in action and special effects. Doesn’t make it the best, but hope lifts it off the dung heap. Which I think is somewhere in or near Waco, TX.

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