links for 2006-02-14

  • I didn’t actually read this article because it contains boring political stuff. I just tagged it because of the headline. Who wouldn’t want Cheney probed in his leak? I know I sure would. Several times a day if at all possible.
  • His opening paragraph should be reason enough to read the whole article:”It’s time once again for the Winter Olympics — three magical weeks during which all of America will gather in front of the television set to watch American Idol.”
  • Little notes to that special someone who you wish would fall off a cliff. Happy Valentines Day.
  • Anderson Cooper has a blog over at CNN.com, and for the Feb 14 post he puts up a piece about vaginal rejuvenation via laser. I’m not sure Anderson understands Valentines Day.
  • Broken into three handy categories for your reading pleasure: 1) Love Betrayed 2) Dating Disasters 3) Scorned Lovers Avenged
  • The Daily Show’s piece on the Cheney shooting accident. “Harry Whittington is the first person shot by a sitting Veep since Alexander Hamilton.” True, but a least Ham wasn’t SHOT IN THE FACE!
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