links for 2006-01-25

  • A student asks President Bush if he’s seen “Brokeback Mountain.”
  • Like I needed to read an article to tell me this.
  • Bored? Why not pour yourself a beer and practice your rectal examination techniques on the “Digital Rectal Examination Simulator.”
  • When it happens your kitty will need a helmet. Here are the directions to make one.
  • Opera has released a web browser for mobile phones which you can download for free. It works amazingly well. Just downloaded it on my Nokia 6230 and the install was quite smooth. So far I’ve checked my gmail and viewed the blog and I had no problem with e
  • Good lord…just click the link for yourself because you’ll never believe me if I try to describe it.
  • This story does nothing to alleviate my fear of flying.
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  1. Hey,

    I had the fortune of reaching your blog when I hit the “Next Blog” button – what a cool treasure trove. I’m adding a link to you pronto. Kudos!

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