In my review of X-men I stated that I thought the movie suffered under Brett Ratner’s direction. I claimed that Ratner either doesn’t care about character driven movies or he lacks the skill to properly direct one.

Of course, the ticket sales for the movie pretty much indicate that audiences don’t really give a damn about that sort of thing, especially considering that almost every other critic out there pretty much agrees with my assessment.

I just read a little post about the movie over at Comics Continuum, and when asked about the possibility for a sequel this is what Ratner had to say, “As far as the X-Men and where all these characters are, it seems like (the end) to me”¦How much more bigger budget can they make a movie?

First off, this movie left more questions unanswered than Tony Snow at a press conference. Second, contrary to what the typical thirteen-year-old and Brett Ratner thinks, special effects and budgets do not determine a films quality or effectiveness.

That stupid comment by Ratner illustrates everything wrong with the new film. It’s like Ratner thinks that big explosions, huge fights, and the illogical destruction of national monuments automatically translates into a kick-ass movie. Sorry Brett, that’s just not the case. Just ask Vin Diesel, Stallone, Roland Emmerich, Michael Bay, and John Travolta.

Stick to the Jackie Chan movies Ratner. That way you know you don’t have to fool with pesky dialogue and character development.

Okay, I’m done bitching about the X-Men movie. How can I remain depressed when movies like “Nacho Libre” and “Snakes on a Plane” loom just over the horizon?

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