Where Is Your Candidate Now?

Cthulhu 2008
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9 thoughts on “Where Is Your Candidate Now?

  1. Tank

    Didn’t Bush run on that slogan last election?

  2. Nope. It was John Kerry that ran on it. Which is precisely the reason the ninny-shithead lost the election.

  3. Tank

    Democrats…. They’re as bad as the Republicans.

  4. Flood

    Yeah, but for different reason’s.

    Democrats are psychotic, they look at reality and see something totally different and then make compassionate, fucked up decisions.

    Republicans are stupid, they look at reality and see reality then they make really fucked up decisions.

    It’s pretty hard to decide which one is worse, but I think I might go with the stupid party they might actually luck into a good decision. Whereas the psychotics, well Norman Bates comes to mind, and I really don’t want to be killed in the shower.

    This theory might sound familiar to some, but that does not diminish its validity.

    See “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell for some proofs.

  5. It’s implicit upon me to mention to everyone that Flood also categorizes men and women in the same fashion.

    But I wouldn’t disagree with the categories, only the way you’ve applied them. Republicans seeing reality? No fucking way. They don’t acknowledge evolution. They don’t believe in global warming, and they’re pretty sure that as long as they don’t actually admit to sucking another dude’s wang they’re not gay. That’s not reality. They’re the psychos that think we live in some fairy tale Bible-land where the rules don’t apply to them. Democrats see reality, but they’re so damn dumb they consistently make the wrong policy decisions. Iraq is lost…what do we do?!? I know, we’ll keep funding it!!! That’ll fix it!

  6. Flood

    I don’t know that you are required to reveal how else that this theory applies. I think people should be left to decide which category applies to which gender.

    So have you ever heard of hyperbole? And I know that it is wrong, but i generally classify Republicans with Democrats with conservative and liberals, respectively. So let’s go from there.

    Generally, you can see reality and still do totally stupid things. In my world conservative means small government, live your own life (ie. personal responsibility), and leave other people alone. I know that is a crazy concept, but it is the one I hold to. Liberalism to me means someone else thinks that they know better than me how to live my life. You tell me which one is crazy and which is sane.

    Then conservatives spend to much money on stupid projects and impose a belief system on others. I still like the concept in “Utopia”: The truth will emerge so don’t force people to believe things, until they are harmful to the rest of society.

    I think out Liberals three big ideas: Socialized medicine, social security, and get out of Iraq. Two of these scream to me somebody telling me how to live my life and me not being responsible, and I got a problem with that.

    I don’t know that you were going this way with your comment, but…

    I think that their is some cross over, but generally…

  7. Tank

    The problem is both parties, or perhaps just politicians in general, want to tell you how to live your life. In the last presidential election, the libertarian candidate only got one third of one percent of the vote.

  8. Flood

    The problem is with the people in general. We allow these ________ (whatever word is appropriate) to govern and we don’t demand better.

  9. See, we’re on the same page. In my world conservatism means the same thing as in yours. Except the “conservatives” that we see today don’t conform to that. They want to tell us how to live our lives. They want big government. And they definitely don’t want to leave anyone alone. They’ve hijacked classic conservatism and i want it back. Ron Paul 08.

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