For a writing project I’m working on I’ve been trying to remember songs that I listened to in the 80’s. YouTube has proven itself invaluable for finding videos to help jog my memory. I had forgotten how much I loved hair bands back then. ”˜Course, we didn’t call them hair bands in the 80’s”¦they were simply rock bands, and rock they did.

Almost every weekend I would sleep over with a friend or a friend would sleep over at my house. We didn’t have cable where I lived so we were forced to stay up late on Friday nights and watch “Friday Night Videos” to see the new releases from our favorite bands. We loved those videos. I had tapes and tapes filled with videos from “Friday Night Videos.”

Anyway. I thought my readers might like to see some of the videos I’ve culled from YouTube during my research. I think my favorite hair band video is Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock!” All the other videos you will access through links, but I’ll embed just this one directly on the page:
Coming in a close second would be Twisted Sisters “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Those videos have it all. They’re funny, the band has ENORMOUS hair, Neidermeyer makes awesome cameo appearances, and the music is fist-pumping and energetic.

FYI- When I started out listing all these videos I intended to comment on each one, but as you can see I’ve got quite a list and I’m getting tired. You’re big readers. You can make your own comments. Feel free to share’em if you want.
Metal Health- Quiet Riot
Kiss Me Deadly- Lita Ford
I Love Rock N Roll- Joan Jett
Here I Go Again- Whitesnake
Seventeen- Winger
Panama- Van Halen
Jump- Van Halen
Dr. Feelgood- Motley Crue
Youth Gone Wild- Skid Row
Down Boys- Warrant
Back in Black- AC/DC
It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll)- AC/DC
Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leppard
Princes of the Universe (From Highlander)- Queen
Legs- ZZ Top
Fight for Your Right- Beastie Boys
Welcome to the Jungle- Guns N Roses
Mama, I’m Coming Home- Ozzy Osbourne
Epic- Faith No More
Unskinny Bop- Poison
Wanted: Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi
Rock You Like A Hurricane- Scorpions
Shake Me- Cinderella
All She Wrote- Firehouse
Once Bitten Twice Shy- Great White
The Final Countdown- Europe
Up All Night- Slaughter
Cult of Personality- Living Colour
Breaking the Law- Judas Priest
Holy Diver- Dio

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  1. This is the typical male version of rockin 80’s songs. Cool list.

    I have to admit that I owned that Twisted Sister alubum. The cover was SCARY!

  2. Yes, the cover was scary, but the music was oh so sweet.

    And yeah, typical male fare, but that’s what I grew up with…granted, I’ve matured a lot since then (okay…some…I’ve matured some)but those are what pop in my head when I hear the words “Rock and Roll.”

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