Two links with nothing in common

The first link is a page from Microsoft that attempts to define net lingo. It seems the young people have turned into cryptographers. I hadn’t even heard of half the stuff on this page, but I think this one was probably self-explanatory:

“kewl”: A common derivation of “cool.”

Wow. I would give anything for Samuel Johnson to be able to comment on that momentous definition.

The second link I have to offer is an .avi from “Real Time With Bill Maher.” It deals with the Jeff Gannon incident.

FYI- I linked that last one because the Jeff Gannon story interests me, and I’m concerned that it hasn’t gotten more press. I most certainly did not link it because I’m a fan of Bill Maher. I think Maher is an ass. To me, he’s kinda like Sean Penn. While I may agree with a few points they make, the very fact that I agree with them makes me doubt my position. Anyway, the video is pretty good. Robin Williams is on the show being old-school Robin (hence, he’s funny), so it’s worth looking at for that.

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