Tryptophan Induced Lethargy

It’s Thanksgiving; a holiday where obesity and over-eating are not only rationalized but encouraged! You’ve only had one helping of turkey and stuffing? Do you not like the meal I’ve been diligently preparing for over nine hours? There you go…load the plate until you can’t carry it.

On a sad note, I’m yet again posting from the turtle of ISP’s, Starband. Good news, I found a graphic Starband had no problem posting…somehow I believe its willingness to post this graphic must stem from nepotism and not from a desire to please me. I have a really cool video that demonstrates why turkey fryers are dangerous (a turkey in flames appeals to my inner-Beavis), but until I’m able to use an internet connection that moves faster than a 9600 baud modem it’ll have to wait.

Just remember, this one day of eating will take you weeks to shed…so temperance, grasshopper. It’s not a holiday celebrating saturated fat and carbohydrates, but rather a holiday to celebrate the theft of a country from an indigenous get with the program, will’ya?

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