TMJ and Tasers

I think I may have figured out the whole Miers thing. Bush might have been in so much pain from TMJ that he just stuck his head out the door of the Oval Office and picked the first person he saw, so that he could go back to sitting in the dark with a heating pad on his jaw. Watch this video and count the number of times he cocks his jaw side-to-side. Ouch. TMJ hurts. That would also explain the Iraq mess, too. (Warning!: Bid for sympathy dead ahead) Before I had reconstructive jaw surgery, I too felt the need to alleviate my pain by invading a Middle-Eastern country. Other times I just wanted a heating pad”¦you know, depending on my mood.

Speaking of moods: when I get tired (like now) and I’m trying to take a break from reading to ensure I still have eyeballs in the morning, I like to cruise the web and see what I can see. Some of the things I come across quite often are videos taken from police cruisers which show officers using tasers on folks who are uncooperative and nearly always hilariously drunk. I never post these because 1) I don’t want folks to wonder if I’m a sadist because I think these things are tremendously funny and 2) Well”¦there is no number two. But finally I’ve found one I don’t feel bad about posting. It’s a montage of officers training to use the taser. Part of their training includes getting shot by their buddies with one of the things. Don’t worry it isn’t morbid”¦most of them are laughing after they get hit with it.

I know I sure was.

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