This first post…a momentous occasion!

Well I’m excited. I’ve now become a part of the vast expanse known as cyberspace. Unfortunately, as I am not bitching about movies or trading porn, most site surfers won’t even pause at this silly little blog.
Ah well. I’ve convinced myself this blog will be dedicated to analyzing literature and popular culture, and the proliferation of knowledge lies at the core of its conception. Whatever.
Actually the reason I decided to create a blog resides in the fact that I am inherently lazy. I promised to photocopy stuff, which proved to be too much of a task for me to squeeze in-between reading and watching T.V., so I figured I would post stuff on this blog, and my colleagues could peruse it at their leisure. (The multimedia stuff also wouldn’t lose any of their power from being transferred to a different medium) As I said”¦laziness. So, in the next few days I shall be posting all I can find on J.S.F. and Everything Is Illuminated.
Here’s what else I would very dearly love to happen. Everyone in Dr. Lyons class with me should email me and I will make them members of this board, thereby allowing you to post, as opposed to simply being able to comment on my posts. It shall become a community. Hopefully, we can discuss all things literary and anything else we see fit. Life, the Universe and Everything.
Hopefully this endeavor proves fruitful…

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