There Will Come A Day When Youth Will Pass Away, Then What Will They Say About Me?

I like to pretend that I’m not rapidly nearing the thirty year mark. I shave my side-burns almost level with my ears, because if I let them grow any lower the hair turns gray. I try to ignore the fact that I now get heartburn as frequently as my dad. I like to imagine that I’m current with the new and ground-breaking bands, although when no one’s looking I crank up the hairbands and dream of days gone past when wearing white acid-washed jeans made me look cool (they still would, dammit).

But last night I saw something that just straight up made me feel old. I saw David Lee Roth perform a bluegrass rendition of the song “Jump” on the Leno show. Let me repeat that: Diamond Dave sang the best song from the Van Halen album 1984 as a country tune. Here’s a video of it from YouTube. (It might get pulled for copyright infringement”¦if it does I’ll find another copy).


I’m thankful that I watched it sober, because if I had been drunk the mere sight of that would have rendered me unconscious. Even completely sober I had to fight the urge to claw my eyes out.

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4 thoughts on “There Will Come A Day When Youth Will Pass Away, Then What Will They Say About Me?

  1. OH MY GOD!

  2. My thought exactly.

  3. Anonymous

    You know I kinda like it. Well that is until DLR started howling like that dog in a Christmas Story. You know when he gets his tail slammed in the door and you here this scream of pain (or was that sound me listening to DLR?). I think he would screw up “Do Re Me” if someone could teach him the words.

    I think the same thing about GNR. I love the first 45 secs of “Sweet Child of mine” until that big cootie starts singing. Then I just like the song.


  4. You’re right. Remove Dave and it’s a nice tune. What kills me is that 1984 was the first real rock n roll album that I listened to over and over, and now Dave’s crooning it out like fucking Slim Whitman.

    Dammit, I liked Appetite era GNR. But Axl does pretty much suck now. Well, he sorta did then too, unless he had the crutch of a sound engineer like on the studio albums. Axl stinks. His band was pretty good though.

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