The Rock Show

On Saturday night Leigh and I went to a big old rock and roll show. We saw Shinedown, Rob Zombie, and Godsmack at the Verizon Wireless theater here in San Antonio.

We enjoyed Shinedown and Godsmack, but Rob Zombie was the unequivocal star of the show. Rob came out with his excellent dread-lock hair-do, giant robots, flumes of fire, and gyrating dancers, and proceeded to rip up the stage for over an hour. During his performance a giant screen projected scenes from classic horror movies like Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and even a couple from “The Munsters.” It was truly a modern day phantasmagoria, and we loved every minute of it. Here’s a short video from the concert. The audio was so damn loud that it overwhelmed the mic on our little camera, so turn down your volume.

Although, I did get distracted from the stage show periodically, because the overwhelming number of people that don’t know how to form a correct rock and roll sign irritated the hell out of me. Waaaay too many people were doing this:


That’s ASL for “love” and that is definitely not rock and roll.The correct sign would be this:

devil dude

Begin with the “I love you” sign, but then tuck that thumb back and you end up with the sign of the devil. If you find yourself at a big old rock and roll show feel free to flash the sign whenever possible, as it is the de rigeur handsign at rock concerts.

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5 thoughts on “The Rock Show

  1. green genie

    you have no idea how absolutely jealous I am. Why couldn’t your camera have illegally recorded MUCH more of the concert??? It looks ***SO*** cool!!!

  2. They actually allowed us to take in our camera. I did post another video from the concert on my YouTube Channel. I\’ll post some more later. It\’s been slow loading at YouTube lately, so I\’ve been tardy at getting them up.

  3. Flood

    Your choice of words in the last sentnece, they are humorous to me.

  4. Why? Because I chose a haughty French term to describe a decidedly un-haughty experience?

  5. Flood


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