The Internets: A Cure for the Productive

I think I may have to build a computer that’s not hooked up to the internets, because I get side-tracked too damn easy. I have so many projects that need to be finished, and what am I looking at? Debates on I.D. and the divide between children who like comic book movies but don’t read comics. And now you can add blogging to the list of things which keep me from being productive.

I might as well share since I’m already posting.

I’m not going to get into a political or theological discussion on teaching intelligent design in schools, because to do so would admit that I.D. was a theory worthy of intelligent discourse, but many people have seen the admittance of I.D. into schools as the proverbial foot in the door. This guy wants to see the theory of the Flying Spaghetti Monster taught in schools, and has gone so far as to mail letters to Kansas School Board to get the curriculum instituted.

This guy wants to present the case between Norse mythology and Evolution. As you may have noticed on the site, science doesn’t fare well in the debate.

I’m a fan of all forms of entertainment, but I also feel the pain of the literati who are so often ignored in popular culture. So many times the source material for movies or games or television shows comes from a written text, and unfortunately the written word has never been less popular. Accordingly, the written source material gets ignored in favor of its more visual brethren. Peter David has a nice little post regarding this trend.

Just so you know, David has written books, comics, and scripts so his views are biased, to say the least.

You can read my views on literary elitism in my March 10th post.

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